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The economy of Suriname is getting boosted by new pre-salt oil discoveries offshore the coast.


With the new economic dynamics from the oil business, efforts also need to be made to preserve the wonderful nature.


Suriname prides itself of a rich culture, both from the indigenous people and the Dutch settlers. A charming destiny full of poetry and beautiful landscapes.


News and updates of one of the most fascinating countries of South America

Get insights of one of the smallest country in Latin-America and how it develops from a former Dutch colony into a modern country rich of natural resources.


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Shame and no Excuses

UN: 50 million in still slavery antonjiesamfoek / eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 2 december 2022– About 50 million people live in modern slavery worldwide, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in his message marking[…]

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Biden to meet with Lula

Biden to meet with Lula

in Brasília eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, dec 5th  2022 — Sometime this month, probably after 12 December Brazilian president-elect Lula da Silva will be meeting with US President Joe Biden at the[…]

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Finally A Dawn of Peace in Venezuela ??

Finally A Dawn of Peace in Venezuela ??

Seven ( 07 ) million refugees since Maduro seized power eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 26th November 2022–Venezuela’s government and opposition signed an agreement on Saturday in Mexico for more social security.  Now[…]

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Discover Suriname in its many aspects and future chances. New Pre-Salt Oil fields have been recently discovered and boost the sock market. However, environmental protection becomes a key factor for the country’s future.


New Oil-Field discoveries boost the stock market in Suriname.


Read about the latest Pre-Salt Oil Field discoveries, Gas and ecological concepts.


Suriname is an abundant rich country in natural beauty. Therefore, environmental protection is crucial for the future.


Suriname has a rich culture both influenced by Dutch settlers and indigenous people in the rain forest.


The historic city of Paramaribo is a gem for its own sake, surrounded by beautiful landscape and the pristine nature of the rain forest.


Digital technology is revolutionizing many aspects of our life, but it also can turn out to be art, like this picture of John Holfinger.

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