Suriname, Caribisch gebied en Zuid-Amerika


Suriname, Caribisch gebied en Zuid-Amerika


Brussel, 17 juli 2023 — Op de vandaag 17 en morgen 18 juli in Brussel te houden conferentie tussen de CELAC en Europa worden toegekend, komt Suriname in vergelijk met de overige landen er vrij bekaaid af.

Is dat door faalangst van de Surinaamse diplomatie, onkunde of onwil ? Nou ja, een brug is ook leuk.

En herstel van het historisch centrum ook hoor, daar niet van.

Maar als je weet dat er 10 miljard euro door de EU ter beschikking wordt gesteld, dan ga je je toch wel op je hoofd krabben. 


  1. Construction of Suriname – Guyana Bridge
  2. Rehabilitation of Paramaribo’s historic centre and climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

Regional – LAC – Digital Alliance

  • Extension of BELLA cable to Central America and the Caribbean countries
  • Regional policy dialogue on cybersecurity, connectivity, e-governance and data governance
  • Establishment of two regional Copernicus centres in Panama and Chile
  • EU-LAC Digital Accelerator: supporting joint ventures between EU and
  • LAC innovative start-ups, SMEs and corporations 

Regional – LAC – Global Green

  • Bonds Initiative
  • Support the development of the green bond market in LAC, thus mobilising capital for financing a sustainable transition. 


  • Implementation of the Forest Partnership and VPA FLEGT
  • Expanding off-grid solar panels for the hinterland and transition away from fossil fuels
  • Upgrading of the water treatment facilities
  • Development and manufacturing of health products

Regional – LAC – Social Cohesion

  • Stronger linkages among academia, research and business, better responding to education, innovation and labour market needs 
  • Partnerships to reduce inequalities and reinforce social policies, accountable public institutions, and inclusive investments to foster just transitions 

Trinidad and Tobago

  • Support the digital transition,including e-IDs
  • Security of water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, storm-water management, flood prevention, coastal protection and solid waste management
  • Facilitate shift from grey to green hydrogen through a transition to renewable energy (off-shore wind and solar) 

Anton JieSamFoek/ eyesonsuriname


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