Month: August 2022


Venezuela Guyana Border Dispute

Border Dispute

Venezuela claims large chunks of Guyana eyesonsuriname /Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith Amsterdam, August 31st 2022– The ongoing controversy between Guyana and Venezuela, is set in the context of a famous stage play. It discusses some new dynamics of the judicial pursuits, including, notably, Venezuela’s new moves. Settlement of the Guyana-Venezuela territorial controversy evokes memories of the…
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Bolsonaro competing Lula

Elections Brazil

Lula x Bolsonaro eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 29 august 2022– Brazil’s right-wing President, Jair Bolsonaro, and leftist leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva have taken part in a first television debate ahead of October’s general election. Mr Bolsonaro accused the former president of having led the most corrupt government in Brazil’s history. Lula, in turn, said Mr Bolsonaro…
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Putin Latin America

EU plans to stop Russian, Chinese expansion in Latin America

eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 19 August 2022 — The European Union has finally noticed Russia’s and China’s advancements in Latin America and is devising a series of measures to counter those effects and avoid losing its traditional partners, international press releases reported. According to El País, Europe’s retreat from many countries in the region has left a space, which…
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Brazil presidential campaign Bolsonaro

Brazilian presidential campaign takes off

Lula against Bolsonaro eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 19 Agust 2022– The most polarized Brazilian presidential campaign in recent years was officially launched on Tuesday with ex-president Lula da Silva leading comfortably incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in opinion polls. But opinion polls in Brazil have not been very precise in recent elections and the Brazilian government still has too many…
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