Month: March 2022


Putin Kremlin Imperial March

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Entry into the Kremlin

Imperial March I vividly remember seeing the outside of the Kremlin in Red Square, Moscow, when I went to visit the U.S.S.R. in 1979 with my mother. Of course at that time, no civilians were allowed to see the inside of the Kremlin. But now, seeing what the inside of the Kremlin looks like, I…
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Guyana Petroleum Exploitation

Guyana exploiting petroleum resources

Developing a new and modern economy  eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, March 18th 2022– IDB President Mauricio Claver-Carone said Guyana should be more like Norway and not stall social, economic, cultural and creative developments like in the Middle East or Africa Committing to help the country develop its oil and gas resources while simultaneously transitioning to clean energy,…
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Guyana Basin

Possible Troubles in the Guyana Basin

Old Wounds never Die @eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 18 March 2022–Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó disagree on much. But last month, the two opponents agreed on at least one thing — where Venezuela’s border begins — and neighboring Guyana is not happy.  During talks in Mexico brokered by Norway, Maduro and Guaidó agreed…
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Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Opinion FD Amsterdam, March 15th 2022– In their fight against black money, banks are increasingly focusing on the use of cash. Entrepreneurs are allowed to withdraw and deposit less and less money or are told that the use of cash will be banned altogether. In sectors such as the metal trade and border regions where…
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Central Bank of Russia FSIA

Seriously Fighting Financial Crime

Lessons from London Part VIII  Oliver Bullough / The Guardian Amsterdam, March 8th — Their salvation came from an unlikely quarter: the Soviet Union, which didn’t want to keep its dollar reserves in US banks. Instead, it kept them in London, where British banks began lending them to each other in an entirely unregulated market…
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Anti Money Laundering

Money Laundering Today

High Tech Future Part VII Oliver Bullough Amsterdam, March 7th 2022 — Take Andrey Borodin, the owner of that £140m house in Henley-on-Thames. He arrived in Britain in 2011, pursued by Russian charges of having defrauded his own bank. Borodin insisted the charges were politically motivated, and gained asylum here. Had prosecutors brought charges in the…
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Corruption and Money Laundering

Fighting Corruption and Money Laundering

Extremely Hard but not Impossible Part VI Oliver Bulloiugh / The Guardian Amsterdam, March 6th –Why was Britain the only country that declined to act on the information Browder provided? His conclusion was that too many influential people – lawyers, bankers, accountants, property developers – were dependent on dirty Russian money for their livelihoods. “If…
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Money Laundering and Tax evasion

Tax dodging / evasion: Stealing from the Nation

Destroying a country Part V Oliver Bullough / The Guardian Amsterdam, March 5th 2022– One reason the Russian super-rich come to Britain, Guselnikov said, was for education. His own children attended private schools, although they now have British passports, so they were not counted among the 2,806 Russian children attending schools surveyed by the Independent Schools…
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Oliver Bullow Book Moneyland

A Better Distribution of Prosperity Begins at Home

Forensic Accounting Lessons for Paramaribo Deel IV Oliver Bullough / The Guardian Amsterdam, 4 maart 2022 In early 1993, rich Russians were enough of a novelty for the Independent to report that three of them had bought flats in Kensington – at prices between £200,000 and £320,000 – under the headline “Property – a haven…
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Oliver Bullough

Forensic accounting Schooling in the practise of Life

Perhaps London as an example for the Rest  Including Suriname OIliver Bullough / The Guardian Amsterdam, 2 maart 2022 — This means that there is not a single sewer pumping dirty Russian cash into the UK to which we can attach a meter, so as to measure its output. Instead, the cash is diluted into the great tidal flows…
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