Month: July 2023


Decarbonization Report

Annual Utility Decarbonization Report 2022

The Next Generation of Energy Clean energy technologies are central to limiting the impacts of climate change as the world shifts away from emissions-intensive energy sources.Embracing clean energy alternatives means fundamentally changing the way we produce and consume energy—in all its forms. https://decarbonization.visualcapitalist.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/NPUC-Annual-Utility-Decarbonization-Report-2022-Sep-22-final.pdf

Chandrikapersad Santokhi


Peter M. Woff – eyesonsuriname Since taking office as president of Suriname,  president Chandrikapersad Santokhi has failed time after time and again during his foreign state visits, except in his own country. His first state visit to the Netherlands in September 2021 was an unmitigated nightmare, culminating in an angry mob that primitively rejected his…
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Who really owns the Brazilian Amazon and the Rainforest

Who really owns the Brazilian Amazon and the Rainforest?

We mean: Really?  eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, July 27, 2023– The fierce discussion about the fires in the Brazilian rainforest these weeks is reminiscent of one of the classic theorems in environmental science: The Tragedy of the Commons. In a much-cited 1968 article, American philosopher and biologist Garett Hardin discusses that commonly shared resources are at risk…
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Reforzar el crecimiento en América Latina:

Reforzar el crecimiento en América Latina

¿Qué papel para la participación laboral femenina? En ocasión del lanzamiento de las Perspectivas Económicas de la OCDE, este panel de expertos de alto nivel tuvo como objetivo facilitar el intercambio de opiniones y experiencias entre expertos de América Latina sobre cómo incrementar la participación laboral femenina en América Latina y así reforzar el crecimiento…
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Conferencia de prensa para América Latina: Perspectivas económicas de la OCDE

Conferencia de prensa para América Latina

Perspectivas económicas de la OCDE Economistas de la OCDE presentaron los principales mensajes de las Perspectivas económicas de la OCDE y también las perspectivas para Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, México y Perú.

Exclusive Interview with Biden, Clinton and Obama Advisor on Climate Change

One of the secrets for success is more and better investments in data and more data. Listen to David J. Hayes in an exclusive one-on-one interview with eyesonsuriname. David J. Hayes is an American attorney and legal scholar who serves in the Biden Administration as Special Assistant to the President for Climate Policy.  Hayes has led the White…
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Venezuela’s Oil Industry Is Broken. Now It’s Breaking the Environment.

Isayen Herrera // Sheyla Urdaneta Photographs //Adriana Loureiro Fernandez Amsterdam July 23d 2023— Each morning, José Aguilera inspects the leaves of his banana and coffee plants on his farm in eastern Venezuela and calculates how much he can harvest — almost nothing. Explosive gas flares from nearby oil wells spew an oily, flammable residue on the…
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Catherine A Hughes

Opposition in Guyana Worries

Moves Expected eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, July 24 2023== The government in Guyana predicts that oil related projects in Guyana predict that a year’s oil revenue will be equivalent to almost its total outstanding debt.  However, political opponents to the current administration have said the country’s debt is mounting and this could impact its future prospects.  Alliance…
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Arrests illegal miners in Brazilian Amazon

Arrests illegal miners in Brazilian Amazon

When will those illegal Brazilians in Suriname be arrested?? eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 23 July 2023 Brazilian authorities this week arrested 18 illegal miners or garimpeiros in Yanomami Indigenous Land during the joint operation Ágata Fronteira Norte, according to Defense Ministry sources, it was reported Friday. Military personnel from the Armed Forces, Federal Police officers, and officials from the…
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BELLA II: The gateway to the future of people-centered digital transformation.

Building the Europe Link to Latin America and the Caribbean

BELLA II (Building the Europe Link to Latin America and the Caribbean) is co-financed by DG INTPA of the European Commission (EC), through the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation instrument – Global Europe (NDICI), under agreement number 438-964, signed in December 2022. The EC contribution for the 48 months in which the project will be executed, is…
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