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Putin Latin America

EU plans to stop Russian, Chinese expansion in Latin America

eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 19 August 2022 — The European Union has finally noticed Russia’s and China’s advancements in Latin America and is devising a series of measures to counter those effects and avoid losing its traditional partners, international press releases reported. According to El País, Europe’s retreat from many countries in the region has left a space, which…
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China Press Influence Part 8

China and its influence over the Western Press

Part VIII louisalim/guardian/eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 5th July 2022 — “Dit programma opent mijn geest en hart voortdurend voor veel misvattingen die ik over China heb gekend”, zei Eugenio in een e-mail. “Ik heb geleerd dat staatsmedia een van de meest effectieve manieren van journalistiek is. De media in China werken nog steeds goed en de mensen…
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China Press Propaganda 7

China Intimidating Press Propaganda

Part VII louisalim/guardian/eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, July 5th 2022– A picture of how Cusef has worked to sway coverage of China inside the US can be found in Fara filings by a PR firm working for the foundation since 2009. BLJ Worldwide, which has also represented Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, the Gaddafi family, and Qatar’s World Cup bid,…
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100 Trillion World Economy
China Press Influence

China buys Influence in Western Press

Part VI louisalim/guardian/eyesonsuriname Amsterdam July 2nd 2022– The task of executing that mission has fallen to 35-year-old CEO Gary Liu, a Mandarin-speaking California native with a Harvard degree, who had previously worked as chief executive of the digital news aggregator Digg and before that, on the business side of the music streaming company Spotify.  When…
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China and the Western Press

China and the Western Press

Part V louisalim/guardian/eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, July 1st 2022 — Chinese money is also being invested in print media far from home, including in South Africa, where companies linked to the Chinese state have a 20% stake in Independent Media, the country’s second-largest media group, which runs 20 prominent newspapers.  In cases like this, Beijing’s impact on…
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China Dragon claw

China Buys Influence in Western Press

Part IV louisalim/guardian/eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, June 30th 2022– The use of foreign radio stations to deliver government-approved content is a strategy the CRI president has called jie chuan chu hai, “borrowing a boat to go out to the ocean”. In 2015, Reuters reported that Global CAMG was one of three companies running a covert network of…
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China buys western press

China and the Western Press

Buying influence Part III louisalim/guardian/eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, June 29th 2022– Edwards, like other former employees of China’s state-media companies, felt that the vast majority of his work was about domestic signalling, or telegraphing messages that demonstrated loyalty to the party line in order to curry favour with senior officials.  Any thoughts of how his work was…
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Dragon Propaganda

China’s buys influence in Western Press

Part II louisalim/guardian/eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, June 28th 2022– At the same time, Beijing is also seeking to shift the global centre of gravity eastwards, propagating the idea of a new world order with a resurgent China at its centre. Of course, influence campaigns are nothing new; the US and the UK, among others, have aggressively courted…
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China's Answer

China’s answer to G7 investments

Reporting News Part I Louisa Lim/Guardian/eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, June 27th 2022– For western journalists, demoralised by endless budget cuts, China Global Television Network presents an enticing prospect, offering competitive salaries to work in state-of-the-art purpose-built studios in Chiswick, west London. CGTN – as the international arm of China Central Television (CCTV) was rebranded in 2016 – is…
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