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Future Oil-Gas production big question mark

Future Oil-Gas production big question mark

What next for emerging oil producing countries like Suriname? eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, Feb 16, 2023 — The global demand for fossil fuels appears to be almost stagnant. Thanks to solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars, the world will use less fossil fuels in the coming years.  “It is only the first step in the energy…
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Apache Oil strikes again in Suriname200 million barrels in Reserve

Apache Oil strikes again in Suriname 200 million barrels in Reserve

ch.kennedy /eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 10 Feb 2023– APA Corporation has struck oil offshore Suriname in a deposit that could hold more than 200 million barrels in reserves. APA Corp. partners with TotalEnergies in Suriname, with a 50:50 split of the stakes in the project. So far, the two have drilled two appraisal wells and another two are…
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Jarand Rystad

Rystad expands even further

Impressive Future Plans  eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 28 januari 2023– Rystad hosted its official inauguration of the Copenhagen office on Nov. 17 2022, with attendees including founder and Chief Executive  Jarand Rystad. For many audiences and readers around the globe, Rystad Energy is an exclusive and familiar name in terms of analysis of data and energy.  The Oslo-headquartered firm, which has…
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Amazing Guyana Oil and Gas Developments

13 Billion $$ Involved eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 28 Januari 2023– ExxonMobil’s fifth project in Guyana, Uaru, is shaping up to be a giant undertaking both in terms of its field development and total cost.    The estimated cost comes in at a massive US$12.7 billion – reflecting current market conditions with room for additional scope, according to…
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A Just Energy Transition

A Just Energy Transition

The Beauty of the Scandinavian Model eyesonsuriname / rystad energy Amsterdam, January 28th 2023 — Hopefully we can all agree that the end of the hydrocarbon age, when it inevitably arrives, will not be brought about by the world running out of coal, oil and gas.  The move from higher to lower emitting energy sources will…
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Bustling Guyana and surroundings

Once Dormant Georgetown shifts gears eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 25 november 2022– In just seven years, Georgetown has morphed into the oil capital of neighbouring Guyana in South America.  Within its borders are several major shore base facilities such as G-Port and the Guyana Shore Base (GYSBI). It is also home to the headquarters of the Stabroek Block operator,…
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Venezuela after Guyana's oil claiming border dispute in The Hague

Venezuela after Guyana’s oil claiming border dispute in The Hague

Neighbouring Suriname eyesonsuriname the Hague, Nov 19th 2022–The Venezuelan government wants to resolve the border dispute in direct talks with Guyana, but the latter insists it has been already regulated with the 1899 settlement.  We will demonstrate Guyana’s claim is inadmissible,” Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez said on Thursday to the International Court of Justice in…
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Abundant Opportunity For Suriname Entrepreneurs

Chances For Paramaribo  ( Hello Mr. Ramdin, President Santhoki are you listening ?? Hello…are you there ?? ) Part II   Eyesonsuriname H. W. French and Anton JieSamFoek Amsterdam, Nov 8th 2022 We followed a route traced out on a Michelin map. It did not take long to discover that many of the routes marked on the map in red –…
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Preventing Dutch Desease

Escaping from the Dutch Desease

Preventing a blessing from turning into a curse in Suriname Marciano S. Li-A-Young – OTNV Read the full article

Venezuela Guyana Border Dispute

Border Dispute

Venezuela claims large chunks of Guyana eyesonsuriname /Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith Amsterdam, August 31st 2022– The ongoing controversy between Guyana and Venezuela, is set in the context of a famous stage play. It discusses some new dynamics of the judicial pursuits, including, notably, Venezuela’s new moves. Settlement of the Guyana-Venezuela territorial controversy evokes memories of the…
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