Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Entry into the Kremlin


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Entry into the Kremlin

Putin Kremlin Imperial March

Imperial March

I vividly remember seeing the outside of the Kremlin in Red Square, Moscow, when I went to visit the U.S.S.R. in 1979 with my mother. Of course at that time, no civilians were allowed to see the inside of the Kremlin. But now, seeing what the inside of the Kremlin looks like, I am awstruck. I never realized it was so beautiful. It looks like a palace from the Tsarist regine!


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  1. Jimmy Salinas says:

    I don’t get tired of watching over and over and over again, this extremely beautiful massive building.
    That building has so much beauty, elegance, mystery , wonder, yet it leaves you with amazement.
    From the very outside entrance, to its staircase, to the huge (“gold “)doors, chandeliers, walls, marble Pilar’s and marble designed floors, it is astonishing.

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