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Putin Latin America

EU plans to stop Russian, Chinese expansion in Latin America

eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 19 August 2022 — The European Union has finally noticed Russia’s and China’s advancements in Latin America and is devising a series of measures to counter those effects and avoid losing its traditional partners, international press releases reported. According to El País, Europe’s retreat from many countries in the region has left a space, which…
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Three Blind Kings

Three Blind Kings

A Q&A with geostrategist and Pentagon guru Edward Luttwak By David Samuels Being an enfant terrible at the age of 79 is not a task that can be undertaken lightly. Most men are simple conformists from childhood on. For those with more adventuresome temperaments, a flurry of rebellion in their teens or 20s is usually…
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Putin Kremlin Imperial March

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Entry into the Kremlin

Imperial March I vividly remember seeing the outside of the Kremlin in Red Square, Moscow, when I went to visit the U.S.S.R. in 1979 with my mother. Of course at that time, no civilians were allowed to see the inside of the Kremlin. But now, seeing what the inside of the Kremlin looks like, I…
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Oliver Bullough on the super-rich and money laundering

For decades, British politicians have welcomed the super-rich with open arms

Now Fighting back, Suriname too could learn  by Oliver Bullough/ the Guardian Amsterdam Feb 28 2022– When journalists and academics pointed out that these murky fortunes could buy influence over our democracy and undermine the rule of law, they were largely dismissed as inconvenient, warning MPs to beware Russians bearing gifts.  But not even too long ago, after the…
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