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Suriname Prosperity

New Oil Discoveries Bring Hope of Prosperity to Suriname

eyesonsuriname PARAMARIBO, Suriname – Suriname is riding a wave of excitement as major new offshore oil discoveries promise to bring an economic windfall to this small South American nation. With billions of barrels waiting to be tapped, experts say Suriname is poised to join the ranks of oil-rich countries. “Suriname has hit the jackpot with…
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Ranking for success and fame is best

Ranking for success and fame is best

Now the rest eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 12 dec 2023– Since the recent oil discoveries in the Guyana-Suriname Basin and Guyana’s colossal oil boom and skyrocketing economic growth, Suriname is impatiently watching this mouthwatering opportunity that is presented to them as well. With TotalEnergies and Apache offshore oil discoveries in Block 58, Suriname became more optimistic about…
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Apache LNG Suriname

Apache Says Talks Advancing on Floating LNG Site Between Guyana, Suriname

By Mitchell Ferman Apache Corp., confident in its oil discovery with TotalEnergies SE off Suriname’s coast, is pursuing further discussions for a floating liquefied natural gas site in cooperation with neighboring Guyana, an Apache executive told analysts and investors. Natural gas is a byproduct of oil production that companies handle in a variety of ways. Apache plans in…
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Apache Oil strikes again in Suriname200 million barrels in Reserve

Apache Oil strikes again in Suriname 200 million barrels in Reserve

ch.kennedy /eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 10 Feb 2023– APA Corporation has struck oil offshore Suriname in a deposit that could hold more than 200 million barrels in reserves. APA Corp. partners with TotalEnergies in Suriname, with a 50:50 split of the stakes in the project. So far, the two have drilled two appraisal wells and another two are…
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Hope for Suriname's Economy

Perhaps, Quizás, Who Knows

Finally Hope for Suriname ? Only and Exclusively If Managed Well eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, April 21 2022– For the second time in history the U.S.of A., could perhaps play a role of importance in Suriname. The first time was when bauxite was discovered in the early 1900 hundreds and Suriname played a crucial part, by delivering aluminium…
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Suriname Recovery

Possibly Bumpy days Ahead

Reform without unrest Part V Global Capital GC: What are the key reforms that this government has undertaken and how will they affect creditworthiness? Minister Achaibersing: We are not just fixing the roof. Given what we inherited, we are called upon to build new foundations. Under President Santokhi, our government has taken immediate steps to put…
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Suriname Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery Suriname After Chaos Previous Government

Restructuring before oil FID  Part IV Amsterdam, February 18th 2022 — GC: Indeed, the projections in the IMF programme do not consider recent major offshore oil discoveries, citing the absence of clear private sector investment plans to extract these resources. How close is a final investment decision (FID) from Total and Apache on their Suriname discoveries?…
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Suriname Oil Boom

Suriname and its Oil Boom

To be or not to Be  By Heike Meinhardt Amsterdam, February 18th 2022– Given that the IMF, IDB and World Bank are supposed to help Suriname resolve its debt crisis, pushing over $1 billion in new debt worsens the problem. Upholding policies for big oil profits is reckless for Suriname’s finances and devastating for the climate.…
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Suriname Oil Find

Suriname Oil Discovery Brings Welcome Good News To Apache Corp

The last several years have been a difficult time for Apache Corporation. The company has seen its stock price plummet – like many of its peer companies – as the U.S. industry’s success in creating a new abundance of both oil and natural gas has led to chronic low commodity prices. That in turn has…
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Apache Stock soars

Apache stock soars on Suriname discovery

Stock of Apache Corp. surged more than 25 percent Tuesday after the Houston energy firm confirmed it struck oil offshore of the small South American nation of Suriname. Just two weeks after Apache formed a joint venture with the French energy major Total, the two companies said they’ve made a significant oil discovery that could…
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