Building the Europe Link to Latin America and the Caribbean


Building the Europe Link to Latin America and the Caribbean

BELLA II: The gateway to the future of people-centered digital transformation.

BELLA II (Building the Europe Link to Latin America and the Caribbean) is co-financed by DG INTPA of the European Commission (EC), through the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation instrument – Global Europe (NDICI), under agreement number 438-964, signed in December 2022. The EC contribution for the 48 months in which the project will be executed, is of 13 million euros (€13,000,000); RedCLARA, the executing and coordinating institution, will seek to complement -through the alliance with governments, private companies, banks and others- this amount with one of at least €15MM to carry out the plans and objectives of BELLA II.

The general objective of BELLA II is: To strengthen and expand the Latin American and Caribbean digital ecosystem, enabler of relationships and exchanges between Latin American and European enterprises, research centres, educational institutions, and academic networks to contribute to achieving the region’s strategic goals focused on strengthening education, science, technology, and innovation.


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