BELLA II Brussels Strategic Dialogues

EU-CELAC context eyesonsuriname / ixchelperez Brussels, Belgium, July 17th 2023– It happens again in Brussels. This European capital will be the hosting city for relevant events in July: It will be the venue of the EU-CELAC Summit of Heads of State and Government (July 17 and 18), the place where the European Union and Latin…
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Eu Investment Latin America

EU to Invest in Latin America

Caribbean included in 45 Billion € Package eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 18 July 2023 — European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced Monday an investment of € 45 billion over several years for Latin American and Caribbean economies through the Global Gateway program, the EU’s response to massive Chinese undertakings in the region. Von der Leyen…
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Lessons in lobbying

Promoting and improving image eyesonsuriname Brussels, July 19, 2023 — It’s not even that terribly difficult. Anyone who has been paying attention has seen it all happen. Over the past fifteen years in particular, various countries, regions and cities have increasingly started lobbying in Brussels.  “For a long time only the large companies, countries and…
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Speech of President Charles Michel at the opening ceremony of the EU-CELAC summit

It’s a pleasure to welcome you all to Brussels and to return your warm hospitality from the last two summits I had the privilege to participate in – in Mexico and Argentina. And I would like to thank the current and former presidents of CELAC, Prime Minister Gonsalves and President Fernández for our close cooperation…
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