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Een baken van hoop voor Argentinië

De economische hervormingen van Javier Milei

Een baken van hoop voor Argentinië eyesonsuriname Een nieuw tijdperk van economische groei De afgelopen jaren heeft Argentinië te kampen gehad met talloze economische uitdagingen. Maar met de opkomst van econoom Javier Milei en zijn baanbrekende hervormingen ervaart het land een nieuw gevoel van hoop en optimisme. Milei’s onorthodoxe benadering van de economie heeft geleid…
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Lesson in cleaning surplus civil servants

Argentine President Milei already sets aside 7,000 officials.

Lesson in cleaning surplus civil servants eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 17 dec 2023– The administration of President Javier Milei is planning not to renew the contracts of some 7,000 state workers, which would add to the hardships many Argentine families are going through amid deep reforms to recover from the country’s current crisis, it was reported in…
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Javier Milei’s radical policies win over weary Argentines

He is a self-proclaimed “anarcho-capitalist” and in a run-off, the people have entrusted this political firebrand to shake the country out of economic malaise. Will he deliver?

Javier Milei

In Argentina, Javier Milei faces a massive economic crisis

The radical libertarian is taking over a country on the brink To an American audience, Argentina’s election may seem uncannily familiar. A political outsider with bouffant hair and a history of outrageous remarks promises to make the country “great again”, and is written off by the liberal elite before winning the presidential poll with a…
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