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Leading lights of virtual assets are clustering in a global finance hub.

Leading lights of virtual assets are clustering in a global finance hub.

What does that mean for the digital economy? eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, 21 January 2023 — Many cryptocurrency adopters have long known that digital, decentralized finance (DeFi) is going to be significant to the future of money. The rest of the world appears to be catching up. Even legacy institutions have begun offering investors access to crypto…
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Technology Stocks falling

Technology companies are suddenly faced with falling valuations and investors stepping on the brakes.

This leads to redundancies in a sector that until recently could not be counted on. FD / J.Houtman J-F.van Wijnen S. van Gils  eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, May 28th 2022–A number of tech companies that enjoyed pandemic-related surges are facing a correction, due to a number of factors, from rising inflation, economic distress, the on-going wars and…
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Suriname Oil Find

Suriname Oil Discovery Brings Welcome Good News To Apache Corp

The last several years have been a difficult time for Apache Corporation. The company has seen its stock price plummet – like many of its peer companies – as the U.S. industry’s success in creating a new abundance of both oil and natural gas has led to chronic low commodity prices. That in turn has…
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Apache Stock soars

Apache stock soars on Suriname discovery

Stock of Apache Corp. surged more than 25 percent Tuesday after the Houston energy firm confirmed it struck oil offshore of the small South American nation of Suriname. Just two weeks after Apache formed a joint venture with the French energy major Total, the two companies said they’ve made a significant oil discovery that could…
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