Indonesia-the Netherlands Renewable Energy and Climate Summit 2023


Indonesia-the Netherlands Renewable Energy and Climate Summit 2023

Indonesia-the Netherlands Renewable Energy and Climate Summit 2023

Working together on the global renewable energy transition

The goal of the Renewable Energy and Climate Summit Indonesiathe Netherlands was to contribute to a sustainable future for Indonesia and the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP). The Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) between Indonesia and its international partners was launched at the G20 Summit in 2022. It calls for renewable energy to make up at least 34% of Indonesia’s power by 2030.

The Renewable Energy and Climate Summit Indonesia-the Netherlands brought together the Dutch and Indonesian governments, knowledge institutes, NGOs, investors and the private sector. These parties shared knowledge, networks and possible solutions to energy and climate challenges.


• During the summit, the Indonesian and Dutch governments united for the first meeting of the Joint Working Group on Energy. This meeting resulted from the Memorandum of Understanding, which the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy signed in 2022. During this meeting, the Indonesian and Dutch governments explored opportunities for cooperation and knowledge sharing on offshore wind, floating solar energy, green hydrogen, and carbon trading schemes, among other things. This meeting involved the Indonesian Director General Yudo Dwinandi Priaadi and several directors from the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Sources (ESDM), the Netherlands Climate and Energy Envoys, the director for climate change from the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, representatives from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the Dutch embassy in Indonesia and the Inclusive Green Growth (IGG) department, and RVO.

• The Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Sources, Arifin Tasrif, formally opened the summit with a keynote speech. He offered a unique insight into Indonesia’s ambitions and roadmap to a net-zero economy in 2060.

Dutch Indonesia Summit

• In line with the Dutch Diamond approach, the summit led to a successful and constructive exchange between governments, investors, businesses, knowledge institutes, and NGOs. These parties can realize the transition to renewable energy, but only if they work together.

• As part of a new approach, investors were invited to the summit. In a meeting with international and Dutch investors, financing challenges and opportunities in the sector were identified. Sharing the Netherlands’ extensive experience in sustainable financing may encourage potential investors in the Indonesian energy transition to overcome the barriers to investing in renewable energy and climate projects in Indonesia.

• Trade relations between Indonesian and Dutch businesses were explored and strengthened during networking events and matchmaking sessions. Most Dutch companies gained several new potential leads for cooperation with Indonesian businesses. Also, potential cooperation was explored between investors and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands, businesses, and a regional government from Indonesia.

• During the summit, Dutch company HyET Solar and Indonesian company Pertamina signed a contract for the long-awaited solar thin film factory joint venture. This contract represents a joint investment of around USD 200 million.

Next steps

The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and RVO will continue cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Sources. Together, they will create an action plan for cooperation on offshore wind and solar energy and share expertise on green hydrogen and carbon trading schemes.

Also, these ministries and organizations have agreed to organize the second Renewable Energy and Climate Summit in the Netherlands in 2024. In the meantime, parties will explore investment opportunities in the Indonesian renewable energy sector with Dutch and international project developers and suppliers interested in contributing to the Indonesian energy transition.

CERF will provide support by facilitating trade and investment and the exchange of knowledge and experience. CERF will also commission specific studies on the opportunities and challenges in, for example, carbon trading or hydrogen development. To strengthen the connections made with businesses and investors during the summit in Jakarta, the CERF and International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) teams from RVO will regularly provide information on new opportunities within those programs.

Dutch Delegation

How can CERF help you?

This was an incredible opportunity for the Netherlands and Indonesia to exchange knowledge, establish partnerships, and strengthen trade. This is just one example of how CERF works towards sustainable energy and climate solutions. CERF also supports capacity building, stimulating investments in green energy and the energy transition, and creating energy and climate policy.

CERF supports partner countries in the transition to renewable energy and achieving climate goals. The program facilitates the follow-up of policy dialogues on climate mitigation ambitions and actions between Dutch diplomatic missions and partner countries. CERF focuses on solving challenges and co-creating practical solutions that suit the local context. CERF also aims to mobilize experts from different professional disciplines, financiers, and local stakeholders to speed up transition pathways.

Contact the CERF team via the CERF contact form or send an email to: CERF@rvo.nl.

Dutch Delegation

Dutch delegation

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