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Meta’s AI leaders want you to know fears over AI existential risk are “ridiculous”

MIT Technology Review It’s a really weird time in AI. In just six months, the public discourse around the technology has gone from “Chatbots generate funny sea shanties” to “AI systems could cause human extinction.” Who else is feeling whiplash?  My colleague Will Douglas Heaven asked AI experts why exactly people are talking about existential…
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Can an AI Chatbot Pass a Data Science Interview

Can an AI Chatbot Pass a Data Science Interview?

Modern AI Chatbots are astounding, as we are reminded almost every day. But they also are criticized for their (lack of) accuracy, their tendency to just make things up, their banal song lyrics, and their lack of true intelligence. On Tuesday, March 7, 2023 Professors Joao Sedoc and Foster Provost interviewed a data science chatbot…
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