Conservation International Suriname


Conservation International Suriname

Carbon Credits Suriname

Presentation by John Goedschalk, CEO of Conservation International Suriname at the NOAH Conference Zurich 2021, 6-7 December, The Circle.

John Goedschalk, the CEO of Conservation International Suriname, delivered an insightful presentation at the NOAH Conference Zurich 2021, held at The Circle on 6-7 December. He shared his organization’s vision for sustainable development in Suriname, highlighting the importance of preserving the country’s natural resources while promoting economic growth. Mr. Goedschalk also discussed the role of public-private partnerships in achieving this goal, emphasizing the need for collaboration between government, industry, and civil society. His presentation offered a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development in Suriname, inspiring attendees to take action towards a more sustainable future.

During his presentation, the speaker offered a fresh and insightful perspective on the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development in Suriname. His passion and knowledge were evident as he shared his experiences and ideas on how to create a more sustainable future for the country. He highlighted the importance of protecting Suriname’s natural resources and encouraged attendees to take an active role in promoting sustainable practices and policies. By the end of his talk, the audience was inspired to take action and make a positive difference in Suriname’s sustainable development journey. Overall, his presentation was a powerful call to action that left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance.


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