Wistleblowers Day Globally Celebrated


Wistleblowers Day Globally Celebrated

Whistleblower's Day

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Amsterdam, June 21st 2022–With World Whistleblowers Day just around the corner, we take a moment to recognise the crucial role that whistleblowers play in the fight for a more just world. Whistleblowers have exposed wrongdoing and fraud, uncovered the theft of public funds and helped save millions of taxpayers’ money. 

The important role that they play in safeguarding the public good is repeatedly proved by the scandals brought to light – and the lasting change they help bring. 

Unfortunately, reporting often comes at a great personal cost: whistleblowers risk their careers, their livelihood and sometimes their personal safety to expose wrongdoing that threatens the public interest. They may be fired, sued, blacklisted, arrested, threatened or, in extreme cases, assaulted or killed. 

This is why at Transparency International we advocate for and work with whistleblowers in the following ways: because we cannot achieve a world free from corruption without them.  

We campaign for robust and comprehensive whistleblower protection legislation. We advocate for the effective enforcement of whistleblower protection legislation by the responsible authorities. We work with public institutions and private companies so that whistleblower protection legislation is effectively implemented in the workplace. We support and advise individuals who are considering or have already blown the whistle through our Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres.

As we celebrate World Whistleblowers Day, let’s salute those who have spoken up against corruption and other wrongdoings. You can support our movement today, and help us ensure that whistleblowers are adequately protected from retaliation and provided with easy-to-access avenues to make their disclosures. 



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