New free online course “Inside the Belly of a Search Engine”


New free online course “Inside the Belly of a Search Engine”

Dr. Anne Kayem - Inside the Belly of a Search Engine

They have made encyclopedias obsolete: Web search engines like Google or Bing provide us with the information we are looking for at lightning speed. Surveys have shown that every Internet user searches via Google 3 to 4 times a day on average. In total, estimates assume more than 2 trillion search queries* per year, and the trend is rising.

If you want to understand how these search engines work, this course is for you (https://open.hpi.de/courses/searchengines2023).

The course is led by Dr. Anne Kayem. She is a senior researcher at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute (Digital Engineering Faculty, University of Potsdam, Germany). She leads the Data Privacy team embedded within the Internet Technologies and Systems Chair. Her research interests range from designing and analyzing secure and privacy preserving data sharing algorithms to evaluating their usability. She is a senior member of the ACM and IEEE. For more details about her research, please visit https://hpi.de/sprite/home.html.

For more information on openHPI, the free digital education platform, please visit https://hpi.de/


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