The Ultimate Solution


The Ultimate Solution

Suriname Ultimate Solution


Amsterdam, Feb 20th 2023–To our beloved Suriname: IMF has never ever  brought solace anywhere, but we often think that “we” cannot do it. See result IMF Friday: looting just like Lebanon. Rate of 7.3 – 35 and inflation of 54%! And the pain will keep coming.


Solution model

Phase 1: (1-4 months)

Alternative capital: find buyers for the rights we have on some oil wells. Pay off the 2023 bond holders. Negotiate haircut where possible and continue paying 2026 bond. Keep the other wells. Credit rating will go up.

Paramaribo wooden Houses

Phase 2: (4 – 6 months)

Thank IMF: we are not Lebanon, nor Greece etc. and don’t want to be. We are Suriname and nobody should tell us what we can and cannot do.

Phase 3: (6 – 8 months)

Drastic times / drastic measures: temporarily disable the cabinet / RvM. It does not work. Point. The people are too hungry and too impressionable at the moment – so are the politicians they have elected. Cabinet Santokhi – Brunswijk must realize that they cannot handle this problem. 

Otherwise, the private sector will have to make that clear to them. 

They can constitutionally appoint a business cabinet via DNA and step aside. 

This is how we also park the whole issue of electoral regulation that will blow up Suriname.

Phase 4: (+9 months)

Clear goals: Business cabinet gets 5 years. Ministers are appointed based on proven success relevant to that portfolio. Each minister is given quarterly targets. 

Didn’t make it twice? 

Expelled minister. +50% of cabinet team targets not met? Whole cabinet gone.

Make successful choices: choose 3 sectors where many Surinamese can earn more money than ever before. Ministers provide the right infrastructure, tax legislation, vocational training, etc. to support these sectors.

I Love Suriname

Phase 5: (12 months)

Unleash the dealmakers: Make sure Surinamese make deals with a track record, look up int’l companies and market our sectors: “you invest capital, we provide labor and the right environment for your company ” The deal makers no longer enter the country without a deal.

Phase 6: (from day 1)

Build active empowered citizens: develop our people through education – realize that education is not: more banks and books. Schooling is teaching children to discover from their own interests. Learn and talk without fear. Learning to make choices without waiting passively and in fear until “basja” only says that they can do something. Remove the discrimination system from the Netherlands (mulo, havo, vwo). Focus on the region. And call in experts from HPI.DE a free online educational system.

Results: after 5 years we have a different Suriname. Business cabinet steps back and restores Democracy.

People will now make choices based on reason – not hunger.

Only then will we have our Suriname back. Free to take our own destination in our own hands. On our own terms.



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