Connecting: Understanding/Accepting Each Other


Connecting: Understanding/Accepting Each Other

Digital Connecting

Surviving in a healthy Suriname


Amsterdam, January 20, 2022– That we cannot just and simply understand and understand each other well will not really surprise anyone who thinks about it a bit.

This is not only the case in politics and our political system, but also on the football pitch, in the field of culture or basic as well as complicated financial services. 

Basically everywhere where people want and need to communicate with each other to create a society without chaos to the benefit for all.

A society aimed at increasing prosperity, reducing inequality and peace for the satisfaction of all and everyone. If you speak the same language and use the same words, but you still do not understand each other, then the problem lies in the meaning of the chosen words. And of course also and especially in which environment you use them. 

With a beautiful, modern word of 2022, that is called a “semantic” problem.

Standardizing meanings and regulations so that everyone in our country understands and accepts them can help a lot. The reality is often much more complex. Sometimes different meanings are just needed so that you can use them in different situations: Suppose you are on Blauwgrond and say: “I would like pitjel and certain vegetables and sambel.” 

The situation in which you use a word , determines exactly what you mean by it. After all, you don’t just want vegetables and sambel in your pitjel.

Suriname people form the flag

Or perhaps you are looking for the address of an oil company…is that the refinery? The head office? The petrol pump… and which petrol pump? 

What do you fill in at ‘partner’ if the tax authorities ask for it? ‘ Spouse partner, business partner, tax partner. You don’t scribble down partner you do only do naughty things. 

Web 3.0

We ordinary and common  people, because we still have something that resembles humor, can sometimes often laugh at what we call confusion of tongues. But computer systems have no humor. 

They still have to learn that, but for the time being it is not yet that far. In order for the government to be able to reuse the data that you have collected, it is very important that they mean exactly the same for man and machine.

No nuance is possible. 

Digital Human

Standardizing meanings can help. It is precisely with ICT that you have to be sure that you are talking about the same thing. Only when you really understand each other well, without misunderstanding about Pitjel, for example, can you work well and result-oriented. Only then will a new era begin. 

A new period. 

Give me your vote and I’ll give you a beautiful Suriname “, for example, is a really beautiful promise and thought. I go for it.

Suriname Flag

Unfortunately, it did not reach everyone who has heard it the way it was intended.

With ICT a start of a solution can be made with this.

eyesonsuriname.com contributes to this by giving advice or thinking along in our standardization forum. 

Of course also about semantic issues for a better and healthier Suriname.



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